7 Fixes to Blink Mini Microphone Not Working

The Blink Mini has gained global regard as a go-to option for fortifying home security. Despite its acclaim, users may confront challenges related to the microphone functionality, impeding the camera’s overall performance. In this thorough guide, we embark on an exploration of the prevalent issues often linked to the Blink Mini’s microphone malfunctions. By breaking down these concerns, we aspire to provide users with an acute understanding of the root causes behind microphone linked issues in Blink Mini.

In Addition, we’ll confer you with a comprehensive set of diligent troubleshooting steps, allowing you to sail across the complexity and address any issues that may arise with the Blink Mini’s microphone with efficacy. Whether you’re a well versed user or a novice to the Blink Mini, this guide aims to enable you with the apprehension needed to ensure consistent audio functionality, thereby boosting the performance of your Blink Mini for a solid home security experience.

Before we plunge into troubleshooting, it’s essential to get to know how the Blink Mini operates. Foremost, the microphone is a vital part of the camera, enabling users to capture audio alongside video footage. When encountered with microphone related issues, various details may contribute to the issue, such as hardware malfunctions, connectivity problems, or software snags.

The Blink Mini is an indoor HD security camera that offers flawless home surveillance with two-way audio and infrared night vision via the Blink app. Its 1080p HD resolution captures a broad 110 degree observing angle. A dual-colored LED indicator, reset button for easy device resetting, and a speaker for two-way communication enhance user convenience. 

The Night Vision LED, featuring an infrared light emitter (850nm), ensures clear imaging in low-light conditions. A blue LED and a microphone complete the feature set. This comprehensive yet compact design positions the Blink Mini as an efficient and versatile indoor security solution.

The Blink Mini camera, renowned for its home security features, might encounter microphone issues. The comprehensive steps below will walk you through troubleshooting, with clear instructions what to do in such situations

For the Blink Home Monitor app to effectively utilize the microphone on your mobile device, it requires explicit permission. Without this access, the app cannot capture or transmit audio.

To grant the Blink app microphone access on an iOS device, adhere to the following steps:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and locate “Blink” in the settings.
  • Confirm that the “Microphone” toggle is switched on.

For Android users, the process to provide microphone access to the Blink app is as follows:

  • Access your Settings menu.
  • Choose “Blink” from the menu.
  • Tap on “App Permissions.”
  • Locate “Microphone” and choose “Allow.”

After these steps, you confirm that the Blink app has the required permissions to employ the microphone on your device, enabling consistent audio recording and broadcasting..

Verify Volume and Mute Settings

Verify that the microphone is not muted in the Blink app and in your device settings too. fine-tune the volume settings, making sure that it is not set to zero or muted. This step is crucial for capturing clear audio through your Blink Mini camera.

Adjusting the Camera Speaker Volume

To modify the speaker volume of your camera, follow these steps:

  • On the home screen, select the More button positioned at the bottom-right corner of the device thumbnail.
  • Navigate to Device Settings.
  • Access Audio Settings. Within this section, a slider is available to regulate the camera’s volume.

Note that adjustments to the speaker volume will not affect the audio level on your phone or tablet. This allows you to customize the camera’s audio output only of the device you are using to control it.

The Blink Mini comes equipped with a reset button on its bottom side, providing a straightforward solution for various scenarios. This reset button proves useful when integrating your Mini into a new or existing Blink system or relocating it to a different place or Wi-Fi network.

Follow these steps for a successful reset:

  1. Find the reset button on the bottom side of your Blink Mini.
  1. Make sure the Blink Mini is on, then press its reset button. Always use a paperclip or small screwdriver for this, avoid using safety pins or thumbtacks.
  2. A red light on the Blink Mini indicates a lack of internet connection. Verify the proper working of your Wi-Fi router. Reconnect the Mini to your Wi-Fi network if necessary.
  3. When the Mini displays a solid red light, execute a long press of the reset button (more than 5 seconds). This action will reset the camera and initiate the setup mode.
  4. Once the blue light slowly blinks, your Blink Mini is ready to be added to a system. This indicates that the reset process is complete, and the camera is prepared for integration into your 

Utilizing the reset button on the Blink Mini ensures a smooth transition between different systems or network setups, enhancing the flexibility and adaptability of your home security setup.

If your microphone, two way audio or local storage has suddenly stopped working, reinstalling the Blink App can resolve the problem. Uninstall the existing Blink app by opting it from the app list or storage, and choose “Uninstall.” Once the app is removed, go to the Google Play Store for android devices or App Store for iOS devices and download the recent version of the Blink Home app.

Update Firmware and App

Often check for firmware updates for your Blink Mini via Blink Home app or the official website. Keeping both the camera’s firmware and the app up-to-dated secures compatibility and can direct any software related hitches hitting the microphone.

Inspect Hardware Issues

Physically inspect the Blink Mini for any signs of damage, especially around the microphone area. Look for loose connections, visible wear, or any abnormalities. If you detect any physical issues, it’s essential to reach out to Blink customer support for further assistance or potential replacement.

Contact Support

If you’ve undergone the above troubleshooting steps and the microphone issues still continue, it’s time to contact Blink customer support. They can provide distinctive assistance, guide you through more advanced troubleshooting, or commence a replacement if eminent. Don’t hang back to reach out for Blink’s expert help.


In conclusion, troubleshooting and augmenting the performance of your Blink Mini camera involve an organized approach surrounding various facets, from microphone permissions to hardware checks. By following the comprehensive guide provided, users can address common issues such as microphone malfunctions, camera volume adjustments, and resetting procedures, ensuring a seamless and effective home security experience. Additionally, steps to maintain a clear signal path for the Blink Camera contribute to an uninterrupted surveillance system.

We value your experience with the Blink Mini’s mic troubleshooting. If you have successfully settled issues or have advice for improvement, please share your perception in the comments section below. Your response not only helps us improve our content but also comes up with a community driven knowledge base. Let the people know about your Blink Mini experience, and ask about any doubts you still have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Blink Mini microphone not working?

If you’re facing glitches with the Blink Mini microphone, first, make sure that the app has been granted the necessary permissions to access your device microphone. Ensure the volume settings are properly configured, and physically inspect the camera for any damage that may affect its audio operation. These checks help address common reasons for microphone malfunctions, allowing you to troubleshoot usefully.

How do I enable the microphone on my Blink Mini camera?

To enable the microphone on your Blink Mini, access the Blink app settings and your device settings. Unmute the microphone to ensure it can capture and transmit audio. This step is essential for utilizing the full functionality of your camera’s audio features.

Can I test the Blink Mini microphone to troubleshoot audio issues?

Yes, the Blink app provides a convenient microphone test feature. Use this to fix any audio related defects, making the microphone functions correctly. 

What settings should I check if my Blink Mini’s microphone isn’t working?

Check for Blink app permissions and confirm that the Blink Mini has full access to the microphone. Verify volume settings and inspect the camera for physical damage. This comprehensive approach covers both software and hardware aspects, addressing potential issues causing microphone malfunctions.

Is there a way to reset the Blink Mini to fix microphone problems?

If your Blink Mini encounters microphone issues, a soft reset can often resolve them. Power cycle the camera and restart the app while the Mini is plugged in. This reset, performed with a paperclip or small screwdriver, provides a quick solution to common microphone problems.

How do I update my Blink Mini firmware to improve microphone functionality?

Regularly check for firmware updates through the Blink app or website. Updating the firmware ensures compatibility and may address software-related issues, contributing to improved microphone functionality.

Are there any known microphone issues with the Blink Mini?

For information on potential microphone-related issues, refer to Blink’s support forums. User discussions may shed light on common problems and their solutions, offering insights into known issues with the Blink Mini’s microphone.

Can interference affect the Blink Mini’s microphone performance?

Yes, interference from other electronic devices may impact the Blink Mini’s microphone performance. There should be a clear signaling path among the camera, Sync Module, router, and devices like microwaves, radios, that may cause interference.

What should I do if my Blink Mini microphone is not working after a software update?

If microphone issues persist after a software update, promptly contact Blink support for guidance. They can provide assistance tailored to your specific situation, ensuring a swift resolution to any post-update microphone problems.

How can I contact support for issues with my Blink Mini’s microphone?

Utilize Blink’s official support channels, available through their website or app. Contacting support ensures personalized assistance for any microphone-related issues, helping you navigate through troubleshooting steps or initiate further actions if needed.

Is it possible that my Blink Mini microphone is defective?

If you suspect a defective microphone, conduct a thorough check for physical damage. Contact support with your findings, and they can guide you through the necessary steps, potentially facilitating a replacement if the microphone is indeed defective.

Can I use external microphones with my Blink Mini?

The Blink Mini does not support external microphones. Rely on the built-in microphone for audio recording and transmission.

Why does my Blink Mini pick up static or no sound at all?

Static or no sound may result from interference or microphone damage. Investigate potential interference sources and inspect the microphone for visible damage to address these issues effectively.

How do privacy settings affect the microphone on my Blink Mini?

Adjust privacy settings in the app to control microphone access. These settings play a crucial role in managing the camera’s audio functionality and ensuring user control over privacy.

What are common troubleshooting steps for Blink Mini microphone issues?

Common troubleshooting steps entail checking app permissions, confirming volume settings, resetting the camera and app, updating firmware, inspecting hardware for damage, and contacting support if required.

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