8 Fixes to Google Home Mini Microphone Not Working

The intelligent Google Home technology brings flexibility and convenience to control the devices with a simple voice command. At the core of its functionality, the microphone is crucial for seamless interaction and enhancing the user experience. 

However, because of the software and environmental factors, the mic stops working and impairs the overall performance. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the reasons and implement the troubleshooting techniques for efficiency. So, this guide will provide practical solutions to bring back lost communication. 

Why is the Google Home Mini Microphone not working?

The compact design of the Google Home microphone is designed to elevate the living experience with its revolutionary technology. However, it will stop accepting vocal commands, and you will hear the “the mic is on” and “the mic is off” error messages. 

Also, when the microphone stops working efficiently, it’s crucial to understand the reasons before implementing the solutions. 

  1. Microphone Muted

If the microphone is muted, it will become unresponsive to voice commands and not perform functions effectively. Also, it will become unaffected even after resetting or updating the software, and it’s crucial to unmute the microphone first to check its functionality. 

  1. Hardware Defects

Google Home Mini is susceptible to production flaws or damaged components regardless of its compact and sophisticated design. Furthermore, over time, switches oxidize and start causing the error that the microphone is on or off. So, due to a bad connection from oxidation, the microphone will stop working efficiently and cannot recognize the vocal commands.

  1. Outdated Software

With the introduction of new bugs and technical glitches, a continuous software update will regain the microphone’s functionality. Also, using outdated software will enhance the compatibility issues and affect the microphone’s performance. 

  1. Surrounding Environmental Interferences

Google Home Mini microphone needed clear audio signals to respond actively to voice commands and work effectively. However, placing the Google Home near electromagnetic interference or extreme weather conditions will disrupt the mic. 

Also, moving or accidentally dropping the Google Home will result in the disruption of the microphone. If there’s obstruction or signal interferences, audio will not be transmitted effectively and will stop working efficiently. 

  1. Connection Issues

If there’s unstable internet connectivity or the distance from the router exceeds the average, the microphone will stop working. The connection issues will result in delayed responses to voice commands or playback errors, disrupting the mic’s smooth working ability. So, for optimal performance, it’s essential to have a stable and reliable connection. 

How to Fix Google Home Mini Microphone Not Working?

When the Google Home Mini microphone stops working, effectively addressing the problem will restore the lost functionality. Therefore, the methods below will help restore the microphone’s functionality from hardware malfunctions to software glitches.

Initial Check 

The Google Home Mini microphone commonly becomes unresponsive if the mic is muted from the device. 

  • First, from the back of the device, touch the microphone button to check if the microphone is muted or not. 
  • Then, toggle the microphone and “mics on” assistant voice on the side of the device to enable it to function correctly.

Check Sensitivity

When the microphone does not work correctly after buying the Google Home Mini, it can be fixed with device configuration. Therefore, below is the step-by-step process to adjust the “Hey Google” sensitivity to increase functionality.

Step 1- Open the App

  • Open the Google Home App and click “Home” at the bottom of the window.

Step 2- Increasing the Sensitivity

  • At the top-right of the home window, click “Settings” and select “Audio” from the next window.

Step 3- Increasing Sensitivity

  • Click on “Hey Google” sensitivity settings and increase the sensitivity levels. 

With this, Google Home Mini will easily hear the hot word even if you whisper or stand far from the device.

Power Cycle or Device Restart

The power cycle is one of the recommended methods by Google to remove hardware bugs and regain mic functionality. It’s a simple hardware reboot that will clear the hardware malfunctioning. However, a software reboot is necessary before solving the hardware problems with the following process.

Step 1- Open the Google Home App

  • First, connect the Google Home Mini to your smartphone, then pair it with the Google Home app.
  • Open the Google Home app and select the device name from the pop-up screen.
  • From the top-right corner, click on the “Settings” icon.

Step 2- Reboot the Device

  • Click on the three-dot “Menu” icon from the top-right corner and select the “Reboot” option.

The software will be cleared of the temporary bugs, and the hardware will be rebooted following the process below. 

  • Remove the Google Home Mini from the power socket and wait a few minutes.
  • Then, plug the Google Home back in and wait a few minutes before starting the functionality.

Furthermore, repeating the process several times before analyzing if the microphone starts working is recommended. 

Check Wi-Fi Connection

An active internet connection is crucial for a seamless connection to understand the vocal commands and wireless connectivity. Therefore, ensure that the Google Home Mini is correctly connected to Wi-Fi. 

  • If you have changed the password, then it’s essential to reconnect the device from the Google Home App.
  • Moving the router or device closer to improve the connection and moving the device away from walls or interferences is recommended.
  • Also, restart or reset the router and then connect the device to regain the functionality.

Update Software

As part of the setup, Google Home Mini is automatically updated to the latest firmware, so there’s nothing to do to force an update. However, you can check the Google Home’s current firmware from the following method:

  • Open the Google Home App and click on the Device tab at the bottom.
  • Select “Google Home Mini” and tap on the device information.
  • Check for the current firmware that the device is using.
  • Then, crosscheck the firmware from the Google Support Page of Google Home Firmware versions.

During the update, a semi-circle of white lights will appear on the speakers’ side, and the update will take no longer than 10 minutes. If it takes longer or gets stuck during the process, cut the power for a few minutes and plug it in again to restart the update process.

Factory Reset

Software glitches and permanent bugs may have entered the system during the everyday processing or updating of the device. So, the factory reset will clear all of the user’s stored data from the system and need to log in again. To factory reset the Google Home Mini, follow the step-by-step guide:

Step 1- Factory Reset

  • Locate and press the microphone button alongside the power cord for 15 seconds to initiate the process.
  • Google Assistant will let you know that the device started factory reset.

Step 2- Open the App

  • Then, open the Google Home App from your smartphone and select the Google Home Mini from the device options.

Step 3- Reboot the device

  • Click on the “Settings” from the top-right corner.
  • From the next window, select the “Menu” icon from the top-right.
  • Tap on “Reboot,” and it will start the factory reset of the device.

The factory reset takes longer than the power cycle, but it will clear the device from all the bugs and restore the microphone functionality.

Clean the Microphones On/Off Switch

Sometimes, the microphone switch will start showing the “mic on or off” error because of the oxidation over time. Therefore, cleaning the switch with WD-40 or alcohol will remove the dirt or debris. So, follow the below process to clear the Google Home Mini microphone.

Step 1- Removing the Bottom Rubber Cover

  • With a hair dryer or other tools, dry heat the bottom rubber cover of the Google Mini Home.
  • Then, carefully peel it off without damaging it with a sharp object.

Step 2- Removing Screws

  • With the help of screwdrivers, remove the screws and carefully remove the ribbon cable. 

Step 3- Cleaning the Switch

  • When the microphone switch is exposed, clean it with a drop of WD-40 or alcohol and a Q-tip.
  • Ensure the switch is carefully cleaned, and clear the area with a brush.
  • Then, reassemble the device and rapidly flick the switch multiple times. The microphone will start working seamlessly and regain the lost functionality.

Contact Support

If the abovementioned fixes do not solve the problem, then it’s best to contact the support center to resolve the issue. Also, contacting the support will replace your device if the warranty is intact. The Google Home Mini is instead an old device, and it’s best to get the team for assistance before investing in newer generations.


The compact and subtle design of the Google Home Mini makes it the perfect assistant to control your home intelligently. However, it’s susceptible to bugs, glitches, and hardware defects affecting the mic functionality. So, after analyzing the potential reasons, it becomes easy to implement the troubleshooting methods.

Google Home Mini is the smart home technology designed to bring flexibility and convenience, ensuring seamless user experience. 


Why is my Google Home Mini microphone not working?

The Google Home mic sometimes stops working because of accidental damage to internal components or software glitches. Also, the microphone may be muted, or an unstable connection prevents the mic from understanding the commands. 

How do I fix the microphone on my Google Home Mini?

To fix the Google Home Mini microphone problem, follow the hereunder troubleshooting methods:

  • Ensure that the microphone is not muted by tapping the button on the device.
  • Restart the device by unplugging and plugging back the power source.
  • Enhance the mic sensitivity to improve the vocal commands from the Google Home Mini app.
  • Check the stability of the connection or move the router closer to the device.
  • Update the software or factory reset the device to remove the bugs permanently.
  • If the device is past the warranty, clean the mic switch manually with alcohol or WD-40.

Can I reset the microphone on my Google Home Mini?

The factory reset is the only viable solution to reset the entire device, and you cannot reset the microphone independently. 

  • Press and hold the reset button at the bottom of the device for 15 seconds.
  • The Google Assistant will confirm that it’s resetting the device.
  • After that, Google Home will reboot and remove the users’ data.
  • Besides this, you can also reboot the device from the Google Home Mini app.

Can I test if my Google Home Mini microphone is working?

Yes, there are several hereunder mentioned methods to test if the mic is working:

  • On the side of the device, click on the mic toggle, and Google Assistant will let you know if the mic is working.
  • Use a vocal command or a hot word such as “Hey Google” to check if it responds to it.
  • It works fine if the device understands or responds appropriately to verbal commands.
  • Google Home Mini illuminates lights with every command and checks for blinking lights with activity.

What are the common reasons for Google Home Mini microphone failure?

Several hereunder enlisted common reasons lead to microphone failure to work or respond:

  • Hardware defects from accidental drops or oxidation over time.
  • Software glitches or bugs affect the microphone’s functionality.
  • Accidental muting of the microphone 
  • Environmental factors such as electromagnetic interferences
  • Incorrect settings, such as low microphone sensitivity

How do I clean the microphone on my Google Home Mini?

Two microphones are on each side of the illuminated lights at the top of the device. First, power off or unplug the device from the power source and gently clean the upper body with a soft brush.

Then, gently blow canned air into the microphones to remove dirt or debris and avoid using the compressed air. Clean the area with a soft brush, plug it back into the power socket, and check if its functionality is improved.

Can software updates affect my Google Home Mini microphone?

Yes, software updates affect the microphone by improving its functionality by removing the bugs or glitches. Furthermore, Google Support automatically updates the device, and sometimes updates introduce new bugs that affect the mic. So, ensure that you check the feedback and compatibility of the recent update to enhance the mic’s working functionality.

What should I do if my Google Home Mini doesn’t respond to voice commands?

  • Google Home must have the same Wi-Fi connection as the mobile device or stop responding to commands.
  • Activate the device by adding it to the Google Home App.
  • The simple troubleshooting method is unplugging and plugging it back several times to restore the functionality.
  • Ensure that the microphone is not muted and is connected to a stable internet connection.
  • Set up your hot word “Hey Google” or “OK Google” from the Google Home App.
  • Check for the Google Home App or the device updates and update them seamlessly.

Are there any settings that could disable the microphone on my Google Home Mini?

Yes, several settings can turn off the microphone on the Google Home Mini and are described hereunder:

  • Turn the microphone toggle on the side of the device, and when muted, it will not respond to voice commands.
  • Google Home Mini relies on recognizing the voice, which will not work if it does not recognize the vocal commands.
  • You can use privacy or network settings from Google Home to control or turn off the microphone.

How can I troubleshoot microphone sensitivity issues on my Google Home Mini?

When experiencing sensitivity issues or inability to respond to commands, use the following methods:

  • Avoid placing the device near the walls or noisy areas for optimal performance.
  • Ensure no interferences or obstructions may block the microphone from picking up sound.
  • Increase the sensitivity from the Google Home App, select “settings,” click on audio settings, and increase the “Hey Google” sensitivity level.
  • Also, restarting the device or checking for software updates will improve the microphone sensitivity manifold.

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