5 Best Mini Microphones for Interviews in 2024

 In the world of online teamwork and content creation, choosing the right tiny microphone for talks is important. 

Each contender in 2024 brings unique advantages, from DJI Mic’s wireless skill to HYM HRM-S’s cost and exceptional clarity. PowerDeWise offers flexibility with dual-source recording, while Hollyland Lark M1 gives top wireless performance. Boya BY-PM500 caters to specific needs in field output. 

Whether a director, writer, or content creator, these tiny mics offer unparalleled ease and excellent audio quality. With choices suited to diverse requirements, users can improve their interview recordings with faith in their chosen microphone’s capabilities.

Comparison Table

MicrophonePriceKey Specs
DJI Mic249$Dual omni mics, 24-bit/48kHz audio, Noise cancellation, Long battery life, 2.4GHz wireless
HYM HRM-SSub-$5016mm omni capsule, 50Hz-16kHz frequency, Preamp with controls, AGC, 3.5mm TRRS connector
PowerDeWise 2 Lavalier Set39.99$Dual omnidirectional lavaliers, 3.5mm TRRS connector, Noise cancellation, Clip-on design
Hollyland Lark M1150$Dynamic handheld, Bodypack lavalier input, 200m range, 2.4GHz wireless, XLR/USB outputs
Boya BY-PM50086.63$19mm super-cardioid capsule, Analog gain controls, Rugged metal body, XLR/3.5mm outputs

Best Mini Microphones for Interview



The DJI Mic is a cutting-edge wireless interviewmic system from a renowned drone and camera company. It combines dual micro-bodypack transmitters with DJI’s latest audio noise cancellation technology in a sleek, ergonomic design optimized for mobile video production.


Key Features & Specs

  • Dual omnidirectional mic transmitters
  • 24-bit/48kHz broadcast quality audio
  • Advanced noise cancellation algorithms
  • Magnetic clip design for discreet mounting
  • USB-C charging while recording
  • Over 15 hours battery life per charge
  • 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission


  • Dual transmitters to capture two voices
  • Top-tier noise cancellation performance
  • Premium audio specs and RF reliability
  • Discrete magnetic mounting clips
  • Extremely long battery runtime
  • Compact and lightweight for mobility


  • It is expensive compared to basic wired lavs
  • Limited to dual transmitter channels
  • No mixer/interface integration options
  • Proprietary charging/transmission protocols

The Bottom Line

The DJI Mic leverages the company’s industry-leading engineering into a specialized wireless mic system optimized for filmmaking and mobile content creators requiring broadcast-grade audio in any environment.



The HYM HRM-S is an affordable yet highly capable Lavalier microphone designed to record clear voice audio directly into smartphones, cameras, or mobile devices. Despite its tiny size and budget price tag, it packs impressive technology to deliver broadcast-quality sound for interviews, vlogs, podcasts and more.


Key Features & Specs

  • 16mm omnidirectional electret condenser capsule
  • Frequency response: 50Hz – 16kHz
  • RF shielding to reduce interference
  • Inline preamp module with bass/treble filters
  • Automatic gain control and -10dB output pad
  • 3.5mm TRRS connector for smartphone/camera use
  • Heavy-duty aluminium alloy body
  • Includes TRRS cable and fur windscreen


  • Exceptional vocal clarity for the price
  • Very compact and lightweight design
  • Integrated preamp with tone controls
  • Automatic gain control prevents clipping
  • RF shielding eliminates interference
  • Durable all-metal construction
  • Affordable sub-$50 price point


  • No wireless option or bodypack
  • Limited to 16kHz max frequency response
  • Requires TRRS cable for mobile use
  • No accessories like clip or stand included

The Bottom Line

The HYM HRM-S packs impressive audio performance into an ultra-compact Lavalier microphone body. Its integrated preamp with tone controls and automatic gain allows clear, broadcast-ready voice recordings to be captured into smartphones and mobile devices. The all-metal construction and affordable price make it an excellent value interview mic for vloggers and mobile creators.

PowerDeWise Lavalier Clip-On Microphones


The PowerDeWise Lavalier Clip-On Microphones Set is a dual lavalier microphone set intended for conversation recording, video production, and audio capture with smartphones, cameras, or other devices with a 3.5mm microphone input.


Key features 

  • Set includes two lavalier mics
  • Omnidirectional condenser capsules 3.5mm TRRS plug for use with smartphones, cameras, etc.
  • Noise removal technique for better hearing quality
  • Clip-on style for easy connection to clothing
  • Comes with a travel case and extra tools


  • Affordable dual lavalier microphone solution
  • Small and easy to carry design
  • Noise reduction helps lower background noise
  • Clip-on style allows for hands-free running
  • Includes useful extras like a travel case


No exact specs given (frequency response, sensitivity, etc.)

Limited to 3.5mm TRRS input (no XLR or wireless choices)

Reliance on device’s music processing skills

Bottom Line

The PowerDeWise Professional Grade 2 Lavalier Clip-On Microphones Set offers a cheap and handy option for gathering dual audio sources, such as interviews or voiceovers, using smartphones, cameras, or other devices with a 3.5mm microphone input. While it may lack advanced features found in more expensive models, its clip-on design, noise reduction, and included tools make it a useful choice for simple dual-source audio recording on a budget.

Hollyland Lark M1 Wireless Lav Mic


Hollyland’s Lark M1 represents a premium wireless microphone system tailored for demanding film, broadcast and live production environments requiring impeccable audio quality and rock-solid RF performance over extremely long ranges.


Key Features & Specs

  • Dynamic SM58 handheld transmitter
  • Bodypack transmitter w/ lav mic input
  • Extended 200m line-of-sight range
  • 2.4GHz HDR digital wireless transmission
  • Balanced XLR and USB-C outputs
  • Up to 8 systems can be used simultaneously
  • All-metal chassis construction
  • Over 6 hours of continuous use per charge


  • Specially tuned for professional vocal reproduction
  • Extremely long wireless transmission range
  • Multiple simultaneous system sync capabilities
  • Flexible output options for cameras/interfaces
  • Durable tour-grade chassis and components


  • Expensive price point for a professional system
  • Limited to 6-hour continuous runtime per charge
  • Some learning curve for advanced wireless setup
  • No onboard mixing or audio processing features

The Bottom Line

The Lark M1 delivers incredible flexibility, range and audio quality optimized for professional productions requiring interference-free wireless vocals in even the most demanding environments.

Boya BY-PM500 ENG Interview Microphone


Designed specifically for electronic newsgathering (ENG) and field production crews, the Boya BY-PM500 is a highly specialized super cardioid interview microphone that captures extremely focused speech audio while rejecting ambient noises.


Key Features & Specs

  • 19mm line gradient electret capsule
  • Super-cardioid polar pattern
  • Integrated 2-stage analog gain control
  • Shockmount and anti-wind mesh grill
  • Rugged aluminium alloy housing
  • Dual 3-pin XLR and 3.5mm outputs
  • Supplied shock mount, mic clip, windscreen


  • Laser-focused speech pickup minimizes distractions
  • Superb off-axis noise rejection outdoors
  • Physical gain controls built directly on the body
  • Rugged all-metal build for field recording
  • Flexible output options for cameras or mixers
  • Ideal for broadcast ENG dialogue acquisition


  • Very directional pattern requires precise aiming
  • Limited to single voice recording only
  • No integrated wireless or digital outputs
  • More specialized for pro field use cases

The Bottom Line

The BY-PM500 microphone deploys precision electret condenser capsule engineering to capture impeccably clear and focused speech from interview subjects while dramatically reducing background noise – making it a standout tool for professional videographers and field reporters.

Buying Guide

Now, let’s look into our detailed buying guide, which goes through all the ins and outs of mini microphones for interviews. From essential features to key factors to consider, we’ve compiled everything you need to make the right choice for your interviewing endeavors.

Sizе & Portability: Mini microphonеs arе dеsignеd for comfort and mobility. Considеr thе dimеnsions and wеight of thе microphonе particularly if you will be carrying it around frеquеntly for interviews.

Battеry Lifе & Powеr Sourcе: Evaluatе thе battеry lifе of thе microphonе, particularly if you rеquirе еxtеndеd rеcording classеs. Additionally, remember the power supply—whether or not it uses rechargeable batteries, USB-C charging, or other strategies.

Wireless Connectivity: Determine if you need a wireless mini microphone for extended freedom of motion during recordings. Evaluate the variety and balance of the wireless connection to ensure uninterrupted audio transmission.

Audio Quality: Assess the microphone’s audio specs, such as frequency response, signal-to-noise ratio, and sensitivity. Opt for mini microphones that provide clean, amazing audio reproductions appropriate for interviews and other content material advent obligations.

Noise Cancellation: Look for mini microphones geared up with the noise cancellation era to lessen history noise and make certain clearer recordings, mainly in noisy environments.

Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with your recording devices, which include smartphones, cameras, or other audio equipment. Check for compatibility with extraordinary running systems and audio enter/output interfaces.

Accessories and Additional Features: Consider any included add-ons, such as windshields, carrying cases, or mounting alternatives, that enhance usability and comfort. Evaluate additional capabilities like built-in preamps, EQ controls, or automatic advantage adjustment for introduced functionality.

Durability and Build Quality: Assess the development and substances used inside the mini microphone to ensure durability, mainly if you will be using it in outdoor or rugged environments.

Budget and Value for Money: Set finances based on your necessities and evaluate one-of-a-kind mini microphones based totally on their capabilities, performance, and ordinary fees for money.


 In the changing world of online teamwork and content creation, having a reliable small microphone for talks is important. These small yet strong tools offer unparalleled ease without losing on recording quality. After a full study of the top contenders in 2024, it’s clear that each microphone brings its own unique strengths to the table.

The DJI Mic stands out with its cutting-edge wireless technology and top-tier noise cancellation, making it ideal for directors and mobile content creators seeking broadcast-grade audio in any situation. On the other end of the scale, the HYM HRM-S surprises with its exceptional voice clarity and cost, catering to vloggers and mobile makers on a budget.

For those looking for versatility, the PowerDeWise Lavalier Clip-On Microphones offer a convenient dual-source recording solution with noise reduction features, while the Hollyland Lark M1 sets the bar high with its premium wireless system tailored for professional productions requiring impeccable audio quality over long ranges.

Lastly, the Boya BY-PM500 ENG Interview Microphone caters to the special needs of electronic newsgathering and field production teams, providing laser-focused speech pickup and better off-axis noise avoidance.

In conclusion, whether you’re a director, blogger, writer, or content creator, there’s a tiny microphone out there to fit your needs, offering unparalleled ease and exceptional audio quality for conversations and personal recordings alike.

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